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Width and height properties
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Posted by nsilberman  · 14-11-2012 - 05:12


I don't understand why in this code, phpdocx_pro doesn't recognize the width and the height properties of the table, or the rows or the cells or the image. On the word document, I want to use 100% of the page width. As it isn't understood by phpdocx, the image is also resized to 52% of its original size (because of the dpi conversion I think)

$return_txt = "<table style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 10pt;width:700px;">";
$return_txt .= "<tr><td style="width:200px;"><p>My question is not so simple</p></td>";
$return_txt .= "<td style="width:500px;"><img style="width:'500px';height:'400px';" src='$fileName' /></td></tr>";
$return_txt .= "</table>";

Did I write something wrong ?