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Posted by seb  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13

I'm also finding the document parameters do not work, for example:

$docx = new CreateDocx();

$docx->addText("Hello world!");

'orient' => 'landscape',
'top' => 1000,
'bottom' => 1000,
'left' => 2000,
'right' => 2000

None of the above parameters have any effect on the resulting document. Is this an issue or am I missing something here?

Having looked at the XML output, I can see now that there is definitely an issue here.

[b]PHPDOCX output:[/b]
[code]<w:pgSz w:w="11906" w:h="16838" w:orient="landscape" w:code="9"/>[/code]

[b]MS Word output (created a blank landscape document):[/b]
[code]<w:pgSz w:w="16838" w:h="11906" w:orient="landscape"/>[/code]

Looks like the orientation is coming through, but the page width and height are still A4-Portrait - why is this?

Many thanks for your help,