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Addtemplatechart params not working
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Posted by liam.whan  · 22-11-2012 - 10:27

Hi There,

I am experiencing some difficulty with the params for addTemplateChart my code is:
[code]$legends = array(
'Confident' => array(10),
'Needs Some Development' => array(30),
'Needs Significant Development' => array(40)

$paramsChart =
'data' => $legends,
'type' => 'pie3DChart',
'title' => 'Capability Areas',
'legendpos' => 'b',
'legendoverlay' => 0,
'border' => 1,
'cornerX' => 20,
'cornerY' => 20,
'cornerP' => 30,
'color' => 2,
'textWrap' => 0,
'sizeX' => 15,
'sizeY' => 15,
'jc' => 'center',
'showPercent' => 0,
'font' => 'Verdana'

$docx->addTemplateChart('CHART', $paramsChart);[/code]

and the output I get in Word is:

my questions are:
1. Why is the Title appearing in the legend overlay,
2. Why is the legend overlay appearing at all 'legendoverlay' is set to 0
3. Why are the percentages showing 'showPercent' is set to 0
4. How do I get the legend to show just the Legend name and the Percent (i.e. 'Confident 50%')

an example of what I am trying to achieve ( and the Word 2010 settings required) is below: