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Line chart - labels missing
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Posted by  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13

Strangely enough, I found that the difference is in using addChart() vs. addTemplate Chart().

A more detailed example:

$colChartValues = array(
'legend' => array('Internet Explorer'),
'January 2011' => array('26.6'),
'February 2011' => array('26.5'),
'March 2011' => array('25.8'),
'April 2011' => array('24.3'),
'May 2011' => array('24.9'),
'June 2011' => array('23.2')

$paramsChart = array(
'data' => $colChartValues,
'type' => 'barChart',
'title' => 'W3C Browser Statistics',
'color' => 2,
'sizeX' => 15,
'sizeY' => 15,
'jc' => 'center',


//$docx->addTemplateChart('CHART', $currentRatioChart); DOES NOT WORK
//$docx->addChart($currentRatioChart); WORKS

Why are those two methods resulting in different charts?

Screenshot 1 shows it when it was added to a template, which contained nothing else but the text $CHART$
Screenshot 2 shows the Chart added in a new docx document