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Header styles in wordstyles in embedhtml
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Posted by HalloWelt  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13


thanks for your advice! But it seems I found another suitable solution. I used PackageExplorer ([url][/url]) to analyse my template. And I found that I have to use the IDs of a styling. And I had to set 'strictWordStyles' => true.

$oPHPDocX = new CreateDocx();
$oPHPDocX->addTemplate( $sUploadPath.'/template/Template.docx' );
$oPHPDocX->importStyles( $sUploadPath.'/template/Template.docx' );
foreach( $aPlaceholders as $sPlaceholder => $sHTMLContent ) {
'isFile' => false,
'parseDivsAsPs' => true,
'downloadImages' => true,
'wordStyles' =>array(
'<p>' => 'Standard',
'<h1>' => 'berschrift1',
'<h2>' => 'berschrift2',
'<h3>' => 'berschrift3',
'<h4>' => 'berschrift4',
.mytable' => 'Tabellenraster',
'strictWordStyles' => true
I'v still got some trouble to get the mappings for table cells/headings and listentries working...
'<th>' => 'Tabellenberschrift',
'<td>' => 'TabellentextArial',
'<li>' => 'Listenabsatz'