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Mergedocx() breaks when merging a document with a long table
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Posted by darren77  · 06-02-2013 - 16:38

I am trying to merge 2 documents: the first one is just an introduction text, the second one is a table which is almost as long as the whole page.

The merging document should get:
[list]introduction text
the first part of the table
a page break
the second part of the table [/list]

What I get is:

[list]the first part of the table
empty lines
introduction text
empty lines
a page break
the second part of the table[/list]

I am testing it using the following code:

[code]$newDocx = new DocxUtilities();
$options = array('mergeType' => 0);
$newDocx -> mergeDocx(TEMP_PATH . 'section_4_intro' . EXT, //intro
TEMP_PATH . 'section_4_table' . EXT, //table
TEMP_PATH . 'section_4_merged' . EXT, //final

I tried both mergeType 1 and 0

I can PM the word files if you wish