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Add a table to a variable
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Posted by peter  · 02-04-2013 - 18:53


I would like to add a table to a template variable; is that possible and how?

I've a template with several variables in it,one should be replaced with atable that is created for each time;

I've done this:

first i've an array of arrays; $arrays
then I create an instance of an table
$table = CreateTable::getInstance();
after that I createTable with my data
$table -> createTable($arrays, array('border' => 'none',));

them I utf8_encode all my variables including the table, if I skip that I get error

and then I add the table to the variable (and all other ariables)
$doc -> addTemplateVariable("variable",$table)

The table is only added as a string of the xml code and not interpreted as a table ('<w:tbl><w:tblPr><w:tblStyle w:val="TableGridPHPDOCX"><..........')

version is Pro 3.2, and I thinnk I had this working on 2.x but now when I tried it the variable wasreplaced with emptiness.