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Can't add same image twice when using embedhtml on development server.
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Posted by showmax  · 22-10-2013 - 00:26

I am having an issue when trying to create a DOCX from HTML that includes an image twice. 

The code works fine on my local machine running Xampp, but the document is corrupted on our development server, which is using IIS. Since the development server is not within our LAN, I VPN into it. The images all have absolute URLs that use the non-VPN IP, since we do not yet have a domain for the site. I have tried both using the "downloadImages" set to true and false, but neither work as expected. The document has 3 images, and 2 of them are the same. When creating the DOCX, the single image and the second of the 2 show, but the first of the 2 is missing.

Should I assume this is a licensing issue, or is there another reason that this code would work fine on my local machine and not on my development server? Are there issues with IIS or any unusual configurations I need to address?