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Disable transformdocx() [info] output
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Posted by hafifimasod  · 29-10-2013 - 12:02


Each time I execute transformDocx() command, the [INFO] output is also displayed on the webpage. Is there any way to disable it? I try to adjust php4log level, but it won't work. This is what I get each time I execute the command:

[INFO][C:\Windows\TEMP\tempDocX_526f94f01245f.docx] Converting tempDocX_526f94f01245f.docx into tempOdt_526f94f01438b.odt [INFO][C:\Windows\TEMP\tempDocX_526f94f01245f.docx] Conversion succeeded [INFO][C:\Windows\TEMP\tempDocX_526f94f01245f.docx] Total conversion time: 00:00:00.8757280 Done.