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Combining addtext and createwordmlfragment consumes huge memory resource
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Posted by gang  · 31-10-2013 - 04:54


I am trying to preserve line breaks taken from database content to a newly generated .docx document. Basically, I have entries in the database similar to the following:


* bala


when the above text is put using addText($var), the line breaks seem to be removed. Hence I did the following:

$Question = array();

$QuestionArray = explode("\n",$content['Question'][$i]);

$i = 0;

foreach($QuestionArray as $QA){

    if ($i > 0){

        $Question[] = array('text'=>$QA,'lineBreak'=>true);

    } else {

        $Question[] = array('text'=>$QA);



$temp = $Docx->addText($Question,array('rawWordML'=>true));    

$col4 = $Docx->createWordMLFragment($temp);

$Table[] = array($col4,$col5,$col6,$col7);

$TableOptions = array('size_col'=>array(400,400,400,400,400,400,400));

$TableProperties = array();

$TableProperties[0] = array('tableHeader'=>true);

$Docx->addTable($Table, $TableOptions, $TableProperties);


As you can see, I'd like to put the result in the table. Unfortunately, that code fragment seems to drain a huge memory resource. Any idea on how to fix this ?