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Template output pdf - compatibility mode error
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Posted by weatherworks  · 18-12-2013 - 17:03


Thank you for your prompt reply. Unfortounately, your suggestion does not work. I tried sepearting the .docx creating code from the PDF converting code, and it still doesn't work or generate any errors.

Here is the PDF conversion code:


require_once '/var/www/app/phpdocx/classes/';

$transform = new TransformDocAdv();

try{ $transform->transformDocument('outfile.docx','outfile.pdf'); } catch (Exception $e){


    echo '<p>Error Caught!</p>';




I am certian that the www-data user has write access to the folder, because the .docx files are getting created with no problem. I am also concerned that the try/catch block is not throwing an exception and that no errors are being displayed despite the conversion function failing.