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Posted by Squad internet  · 25-02-2014 - 13:22

Tnx for your reply,

Yes I'm using the latest version, I just downloaded it yesterday.

The problem is however the same as in 3.1

I can NOT use the same tmp dir for every user that is using this tool.

I have to deal with very strict ACL and base_dir restriction that I can not break.

The same problem exists with the logger, its impossible to set the tmpdir at runtime,.. and so my logger is broken. I simply modified the logger code to return insteadt of writing a log message,.. its dirty but for now the issue is fixed.

Could you maybe give me a hint where the config file is beeing read and in what property(s) it is stored?

I know what the tmp dir should be before calling any method with phpDocx, the only thing I need is "somehow" override the tmpDir property "somewhere" ;)

I really don't mind writing some setter method myself, I allready extended the CreateDocx class, and logic tells me I should find this magic property somewhere in this class... but "where"?

I hope you can help me out here.