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Pre-sales questions
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Posted by wpcs_philip  · 24-07-2014 - 16:08

Hello, We are looking into developing a Proposal Generator feature for our clients that allows them to build Word/PDF documents from their website content. Have a few questions to make sure if/how it would work with phpdocx... Licenses - Our hosting doesn't support the minimum requirements and its likely clients who host elsewhere won't either. If we set-up our own App Hosting and passed all the processing from many sites to that one server, would we be ok with just one domain/ip license, or would we need a license for each of the client sites using the system? Processing - Are you aware of any reason why it wouldn't work to have the client websites save the content at a URL, then trigger a script on the App Hosting to generate the doc/pdf from that content, then save the resulting doc/pdf where the client site could then pick up via URL? Thanks! Philip