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Bugs in code
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Posted by tttpapi  · 01-08-2014 - 12:26

Hello, I found these bugs: phpdocx_community\pdf\include\style.cls.php Line 963: if(is_array($this->_props["background_position"])) //var_dump($this->_props["background_position"]); $tmp = explode(" ", $this->_props["background_position"]); should be sth if(!is_array($this->_props["background_position"])) //var_dump($this->_props["background_position"]); $tmp = explode(" ", $this->_props["background_position"]); else { $tmp = $this->_props["background_position"] } Line 1441: $this->_props["color"] = $col["hex"]; Should be $this->_props["color"] = is_array($col) ? $col["hex"] : $col; \phpdocx_community\pdf\lib\class.pdf.php Line 1220: $res.= "\n/S /GoTo\n/D ".$this->destinations[(string)$o['info']['label']]." 0 R"; Undefined index: _Toc377747971 I wasnt able to fix this. So this is the place I am stuck at.