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Support subscription
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Posted by  · 20-11-2014 - 19:22

The support subscription information has some interesting statements in it. It lists three main benefits, but unfortunately, it is not extremely clear what those benefits mean. First, the Free Updates. This seems to mean that so long as you have a subscription, your licence is for the latest version, and you can continue to renew the subscription ad inifinitum, with no additional licence, regardless of whether the update is to a minor version, such as 4.0.0 to 4.0.1, or a major version, such as 4.0 to 5.0. Is this correct? Second, the 10% discount on your next licence. Why would I buy another licence? Is this just for people who are buying a different licence, for example, buying a Corporate licence because they initially bought the Pro licence, or they are buying a second Enterprise licence for a second IP address? Or is there some other reason to buy the next licence, such as a major version change? I think it just means for if you buy a different or additional licence, is that correct? Third is the discount on changing the domain. That seems pretty clear, except there is no pricing information on costs of changing the IP or domain listed on the licence. Is there any way to get that information? Thanks!