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Create and download problem
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Posted by seanw  · 29-11-2010 - 19:54

I am trying to create and download a file using $objDocx->fCreateDocxAndDownload('demo1');
However, while the file creates fine, nothing gets downloaded, the screen just fills with rubbish characters, sample: PKV}=e7§îq _rels/.rels­ÁNÃ0 @ï|EäûênH¡¥» ¤Ý*`%n­M¢ÄÀö÷4‰U*hr³c??{»;N£zç”]ðÖU Š½ Öù^Ãkû´º•…¼¥1xÖpâ »æFßö…G’Ò›³*0Ÿ5 "ñ1›'ÊUˆìËOÒDRÂÔc$s žqS×w˜.Ð̘jo5¤½½Õž"_Ã]ç ?ó6±—…ÈGaoÙ®b*ýI\YJµ”z 6˜ç’ÎH1V]„ðÒhÙos½ßï»ãÄB–„ЄÄÛ}U|ëá²Ðú?6¯ø±ùÉ¢=§—5 só PKV}=9²ŸiÓdocProps/app.xmlRËNÃ0¼óQî­Ó !Tm]¡VˆJ p¶ìMbáØ–í"ú÷lšÜð%;³ÞÑÌÆ

What could be wrong that would cause this?