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Posted by glynsimpson  · 17-03-2016 - 06:02

Hey there, I'm very close to signing off phpdocx as a solution for our SAAS product's document generation. We've basically implemented phpdocx using the trial but have one small thing we need to achieve to get sign off on our implementation and purchase a licence.

It seems obvious but I can't seem to figure it out - we're loading a template, and replacing a placeholder with a word fragment. The word fragment is basically one big list (think like numbered clauses in an agreement)
- I'm not MS word expert, so I'm wondering where should I be looking to disable contextualSpacing and add spacingBottom to multi-level list items? I can't seem to find where this would be done in the API. 

I've generated the document, and done it word after the fact, so it's possible, but at the moment, it doesn't seem that way with phpdocx.This kind of bleeds into the support you provide paying customers, but if you can direct us to a successful result, we'd be happy to purchase the product. Thanks!