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List & table fonts change after merging
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Posted by Nucleus  · 19-03-2016 - 13:45

I'm generating a document with all text being Arial which is also set as default font. This document includes images, tables, lists, headings and normal text. This works perfectly fine.

Now the issue comes when trying to add, or merge with, another document. I have tried both the "addExternalFile" when creating the document and also saving in a temporary location to then use "mergeDocx" to combine both.

After either of those actions the font in the lists and tables change (I've seen both Raleway Regular and Calibri, neither are used anywhere in both documents). Also all lists suddenly become ordered/numbered lists and even when trying to apply custom styling theres no way to get bullet points.

Basically before merge all fonts are Arial and lists have bullet points. After merge the font in tables and lists change and all lists become numbered.

I've tried pretty much any combination of parameters and options for hours now but nothing seems to work.


Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.