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Table of contents : how to ?
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Posted by davelavinsky  · 27-04-2016 - 16:24

I did everything in the example mentioned in the doc. Only line that was changed was :

$docx = new CreateDocxFromTemplate("template.docx");

require_once 'path/to/phpdocx/phpdocx-corporate-5.5/classes/';

$docx = new CreateDocxFromTemplate("template.docx");

$docx->addText('Table of Contents', array('bold' => true, 'fontSize' => 14));

$legend = array('text' => 'Click here to update the TOC', 
'color' => 'B70000', 
'bold' => true, 
'fontSize' => 12);
$docx->addTableContents(array('autoUpdate' => true), $legend);

//we add now some headings so tehy show up in the TOC
$docx->addText('Chapter 1', array('pStyle' => 'Heading1PHPDOCX'));
$docx->addText('Section', array('pStyle' => 'Heading2PHPDOCX'));
$docx->addText('Another TOC entry', array('pStyle' => 'Heading3PHPDOCX'));


And the Table of Contents did not get generated. Only the text as it is.