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Addtablecontents in a specific page
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Posted by  · 19-07-2016 - 16:26

ok I understand you....only a question about the second point 

2. Create the table of content using addTableContents in another DOCX

in the example sample_1.php

require_once '../../../Classes/Phpdocx/Create/';

$docx = new Phpdocx\Create\CreateDocx();
$docx->addText('Table of Contents', array('bold' => true, 'fontSize' => 14));
$legend = array('text' => 'Click here to update the TOC', 
    'color' => 'B70000', 
    'bold' => true, 
    'fontSize' => 12);
$docx->addTableContents(array('autoUpdate' => true), $legend);
//we add now some headings so tehy show up in the TOC
$docx->addText('Chapter 1', array('pStyle' => 'Heading1PHPDOCX'));
$docx->addText('Section', array('pStyle' => 'Heading2PHPDOCX'));
$docx->addText('Another TOC entry', array('pStyle' => 'Heading3PHPDOCX'));


 In this file create the table of content from 3$docx->addText and you told me that i only create the table of content and this content in other page

How I can create only the table of content  and not text then of this TOC ?? Because if i not add text or another thing the document put 

No se encontraron elementos de tabla de contenido.

Tabla de contenido
1.      INTRODUCCIÓN       4
2.      ANTECEDENTES    5
3.      ALCANCES        6