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Remove indent from left on tables that come in via html
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Posted by admin  · 24-08-2016 - 07:24


Thanks for the info. Then you need to remove the cell margin, not the table margin.

To do this you have three approaches:

1. Wrap the cell content in a paragrah and set a margin left negative value:

$html .= '<table border="1" style="border-collapse: collapse; border-left-width: 0px;" width="600">
    <tr width="600">
      <td style="background-color: yellow;"><p style="margin-left:-7px;">1_1</p></td>
      <td rowspan="3" colspan="2">1_2</td>

2. Create a table style (with Word or phpdocx that sets this left margin as 0). This style can be used with embedHtml.

3. Apply a small patch in the file classes/ (this patch was included in phpdocx 9.5). Around line 1809 (after //w:tblCellMar comment) please add these lines:

if (isset($properties['padding_left']) || isset($properties['padding_right'])) {
  $stringTblPr .='<w:tblCellMar>';
  if (isset($properties['padding_left'])) {
    $stringTblPr .= '<w:left w:type="dxa" w:w="'.$this->_wordMLUnits($properties['padding_left'])[0].'"/>';
  if (isset($properties['padding_right'])) {
    $stringTblPr .= '<w:right w:type="dxa" w:w="'.$this->_wordMLUnits($properties['padding_right'])[0].'"/>';
  $stringTblPr .='</w:tblCellMar>';

And now you can set a custom default padding:

$html .= '<table border="1" style="border-collapse: collapse;padding-left: 0px;" width="600">
                <tr width="600">
                    <td style="background-color: yellow">1_1</td>
                    <td rowspan="3" colspan="2">1_2</td>