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How to remove a section having some specified content/word/phrase?
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Posted by vinaya180189  · 13-10-2016 - 06:46

I have a doc which contains sections( multiple ).

I wants to remove a particular section which contains some text. I am using xpath.

snippet :

$referenceNode= array(
'type' => 'section',
'contains' => 'Bali'
$queryInfo = $docx->getDocxPathQueryInfo($referenceNode);

But queryinfo gives me :

    [length] => 0
    [query] => //w:body/w:p/w:pPr/w:sectPr[1=1 and  contains(., 'Mali')]/../..

  I tried to get a section by it occurrence and its working fine and I am able to remove that section also. But with 'contains' its not working.

I am using removeWordContent method to remove a section.


  Also If I am trying to remove a paragraph which contains some particular text it also gets removed successfully.

   Can you please assist How can we achieve it?