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Chunk from replacevariablebyexternalfile is not converted to pdf
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Posted by patrickmathern  · 06-03-2017 - 23:38

i'm constructing a docx file from a set of smaller templates and the .docx file looks fine.  however when i convert it to a pdf or html those sections brought in by replaceVariableByExternalFile are missing from the converted document.  if i open the .docx file in ms word and save as a new .docx file the conversion will work correctly.  has anyone else overcome this with wordfragments or merge or another mechanism?

--code snippet--

   private function replacePartial($var,$docx)    {
        $tempDir = sys_get_temp_dir();
        $tmpFile = $tempDir."/".uniqid().".docx";
        $this->templateProcessor->replaceVariableByExternalFile([$var=> $tmpFile]);

template snippet (@summary@, @analysis@ and @attachments@ are all using replacePartial above)

body of main template @name@


the .docx file has everything included cleanly.  the .pdf file from the conversion only has the 'body of main template Joe User' portion.  if i save the .docx file using MS Word and convert again, all is perfect.