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Issue with addtext(..) in addlist() item
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Posted by dev@ram  · 03-04-2017 - 23:27

Thanks for your example but I am not able to get the importListStyle function to work. I created a new file called customStyles.docx and created a new list style within it called "RAMList1". However, whenever I call $docx->parseStyles I do not see the new style so I'm not able to obtain the id. Do you have an example of how to create a new style template containing custom List styles?

I then tried to use importStyles with the code below but this does not work either.


  $docx->importStyles(WORD_TEMPLATE_PATH.'customStyles.docx', 'merge', array('RAMList1'));
  $itemList = array(
                    'Line 1',
                    'Line 2',
                    'Line 3',
                    'Line 4',
                    'Line 5'

   $docx->addList($itemList, 'RAMList1');

Any suggestions?

I understand we can we use createParagraphStyle and then create a WordFragment with a 'pStyle' for every bullet but I'd like to avoid doing this as our arrays of data have already been built and we have a ton of different styles to apply within the document we are building. Creating and importing a document with custom styles would really suit our needs best.

Thanks in advance!