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Does the trial version only work on local servers now?
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Please note this is an old forum thread. Information in this post may be out-to-date and/or erroneous.
Every phpdocx version includes new features and improvements. Previously unsupported features may have been added to newer releases, or past issues may have been corrected.
We encourage you to download the current phpdocx version and check the Documentation available.

Posted by admin  · 01-05-2017 - 07:33


We recommend using the trial package on localhost and private networks. This package allows to run the Basic package functionality for testing purposes. The payment licenses will work fine on the choosen subdomain/domain/IP.

There's no known bug in phpdocx, so maybe your code had something wrong when using a previous version of phpdocx. A common mistake is not using the target option to set the scope of the placeholders to replace.