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Bugs in addtemplate function
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Posted by r2363c  · 21-10-2013 - 13:16


It may be a bit late, but we encountered the same problem. While assigning a 1 element array to a template variable templates placeholder were repeated when in a table. The problem was still present in 3.2 and 3.3 version.

To overcome this first test if array count is greater than 1 (1 element). If only one element in  your array, just assign the string variable of the array ($yourarray[0]) to your variable :

$replacedata = explode("\n",$maybemultilinedata);

$docx->addTemplateVariable($var,(count($replacedata )>1) ? $replacedata :$replacedata [0]);


r2363c / altidev team/ jca