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Add border, margin and padding for addformelement textbox field
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Posted by peterdan  · 31-05-2017 - 01:48


Im trying to add border and padding to a textfield element through addFormElement but im having hard time getting it to work.

Can you give me example to give it a border and padding to the form?

this is my code  as of now..but its not giving it a border.

$docx = new CreateDocx();

$text = array();
$text[] = array('text' => 'x =');

$frag = new WordFragment($docx);

$textFieldOptions = array(
    $frag->addFormElement('textfield', $textFieldOptions);
    $text[] = $frag;
    $text[] = array('text' => 'two');
    $docx->addText($text, $options);

btw, i have the premium version in case you want to know.