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Dynamic variables with mergedocx
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Posted by gothamdigitalscience  · 07-06-2017 - 18:51

Is it possible to pass in dynamic variables to the mergeDocx function?  Whenever I do (without adding an actual filename) I get an error.  PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Error while trying to open the (base) template as a zip file'

I'd like to do something like this, where I control the actual documents (with conditionals that I will add later).

require_once ('../phpdocx-advanced-7.0/classes/');
$intro = new CreateDocxFromTemplate('base.docx');

$test1 = new CreateDocxFromTemplate('test1.docx');
$test2 = new CreateDocxFromTemplate('test2.docx');

$merge = new MultiMerge();
$merge->mergeDocx($intro, array($test1,$test2), 'sample.docx', array('mergeType' => '1'));