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Merging documents at same time as another mixes output
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Posted by cem  · 15-06-2017 - 20:08


Thank you for the prompt response!  I will try both the unique file name and the in-memory option and let you know the results. 

I have noticed though, that the default on our installation does produce temp files.  Not the .tmp files but actual results of the createDocx() for each document.  Then it takes those and seems to merge them.  It's creating only one temp .docx per each createDocx() and puts it in our Public folder path.  I never set anything to output to that path so I'm not sure why they go there.  The final merged doc goes in a specific path I set so that part works fine.  maybe it's something in the config files?  I didn't touch those but perhaps something defaults to the Public folder (i'm using IIS as a local web server). 

I'm a little unclear on the stream option as I'm not familiar with what it actually is/does.  I'll look at the documentation and experiment with that as well. 


Thank you and I'll see if those suggestions work!