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Merging documents at same time as another mixes output
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Posted by admin  · 16-06-2017 - 18:44


Yes, using the mergeDocx you can merge from two to any DOCX documents:

$merge = new MultiMerge(); $merge->mergeDocx($document1, array($document2, $document_3, $document_4, $document_5), 'example_merge_docx_2.docx', array());

And as you are using a Premium license, you can do it using in-memory documents (without generating in the fs the DOCX to be merged), as the sample from our previous update does. To use in-memory DOCX, you just need to enable the $returnDocxStructure flag:

CreateDocx::$returnDocxStructure = true;

And the DOCX is not created but returned when you call the createDocx method:

$document1 = $docx_a->createDocx();

You can generate an keep in variables as many documents as needed to be storaged, merged, serialized...

Do not forget to disable the flag after you have finished creating documents:

CreateDocx::$returnDocxStructure = false;

It uses the memory of the server where PHP runs, this is the web server.