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Problem with encoding of docx document
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Posted by legaltrek  · 05-07-2017 - 14:02


I have problem with some of the symbols from the German alphabet and they visualise broken in the DOCX. I tried to fix it with


but it didn't work because the text already had UTF 8 encoding.

For example when I try to add Straße in docx looks like Straße. Can you help me, my code is like this 


$valuesTable = array(); 

$valuesTable[] =

         "value" => "Straße"


$paramsTable = array(
     'border'         => 'none',
     'tableAlign'     => 'center',
     'textProperties' => array('fontSize' => 10),
      'tableWidth'     => array('type' => 'pct', 'value' => 100)


$docx->addTable($valuesTable, $paramsTable);


I will be very grateful.