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Merging removes 2 out of 3 section breaks
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Posted by k.barendrecht  · 11-07-2017 - 13:46

I've successfully created three documents from templates: doc-section-0.docxdoc-section-1.docxdoc-section-2.docx. Each of these contains a section with sectionType 'nextPage' at the end of the first page as seen in the screenshots.

After merging with mergeType: 'continuous' (1) only the section from the first document remains. 

// Merge the first file with the remaining files, mergeTypes: 0 = addSectionAtEnd, 1 = continuous
        (new MultiMerge())->mergeDocx(FILE_OUTPUT_LOCATION, $docxSectionFilesPaths, FILE_OUTPUT_LOCATION, ['mergeType' => 1, 'numbering' => 'continue']);

Why is the merge removing 2/3 section breaks, and how do I prevent this from happening?