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Merging removes 2 out of 3 section breaks
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Posted by k.barendrecht  · 31-07-2017 - 08:15

Hello admin,

My problem lies with the fact that mergeType 'continuous' actually removes existing sections (except the first). I want to use the existing sections, and not have them removed by merging. Both options dont really work for my case.

Lets say I have the following setup: DocxWithSection->DocxWithoutSection->DocxWithSection.

MergeType Continuous 1 would result in only the first section remaining.

MergeType addSectionAtEnd 0 would result in a double section after the first document and a double section after the last document.

I dont think it's possible to use the original sections and just merge without changing any of the sections as of now, but I think that would be a good addition for this method. (correct me if this is possible)

Greetings, Kars