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Passthru : permission denied and solution
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Posted by UFNAFAAM  · 16-08-2017 - 18:25


on my server, the pdf conversion with libreoffice didn't work.

After inspection, the command

passthru($libreOfficePath . ' --invisible --convert-to ' . $extension . ' ' . $docSource . ' --outdir ' . $outdir . $outputDebug, $codeReturn);

returned an int(77) inside $codeReturn (ie. a "permission denied" unix code)

The command


correctly displays 'apache'

Finally, I understood that on my server the user 'apache' has no home directory.

My solution to make the convertor work correctly was to add the shell variable before : 

passthru('export HOME=/tmp; ' . $libreOfficePath . ' --invisible --convert-to ' . $extension . ' ' . $docSource . ' --outdir ' . $outdir . $outputDebug);

Hope that this solution will help.