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Addimage not doing anything
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Posted by aemka  · 11-05-2011 - 12:53

Hi Forum,

I'm just giving the free version of phpdocx a first try. First problem I encountered was, that addImage does not seem to work. So far I did the following:

require_once (PATH_site . 'typo3conf/ext/payment/lib/phpdocx/classes/');
$docx = new CreateDocx();

$paramsImg = array(
#'name' => '|weight:5|40.737102,-73.990318|40.749825,-73.987963|40.752946,-73.987384|40.755823,-73.986397&size=512x512&sensor=false',
#'name' => PATH_site . 'typo3conf/ext/payment/res/staticmap.png',
'name' => '../../typo3conf/ext/payment/res/staticmap.png',
'scaling' => 50,
'spacingTop' => 0,
'spacingBottom' => 0,
'spacingLeft' => 0,
'spacingRight' => 0,
'textWrap' => 1,
'border' => 0,
'borderDiscontinuous' => 1,

$docx->createDocx(PATH_site . 'typo3conf/ext/payment/res/example_text');

The path to the image is right in all above versions. (is_readable() says TRUE)
I tried the URL - result php dies with no error shown even though display_errors is on and error_reporting is at E_ALL.
I tried the absolute path - no image inserted.
I tried the relative path - no image inserted.

Here is the output:
Here is the image:

Any suggestions?