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Addimage not doing anything
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Posted by naoki.peter  · 11-04-2013 - 12:12

Hi aemka

Did you try to enable the log - tool for phpdocx?

Navigate to the phpdocx folder, open "classes/conf" and edit the file "". You can there insert following code:
#log4php.rootLogger = WARN, phpdocx_error

#log4php.appender.phpdocx_error = LoggerAppenderConsole
#log4php.appender.phpdocx_error.layout = LoggerLayoutPattern
#log4php.appender.phpdocx_error.layout.ConversionPattern = %d %p - %m%n

log4php.rootLogger = DEBUG, phpdocx_error

log4php.appender.phpdocx_error = LoggerAppenderRollingFile
log4php.appender.phpdocx_error.file = /tmp/phpdocx.log
log4php.appender.phpdocx_error.layout = LoggerLayoutTTCC
log4php.appender.phpdocx_error.MaxFileSize = 2MB
log4php.appender.phpdocx_error.MaxBackupIndex = 3

After you call your script, it should write stuff in the logfile "/tmp/phpdocx.log". Perhaps there you find more information about the problem.