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Addimage not doing anything
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Posted by oqapi  · 11-04-2013 - 12:12

The problem could be that the DPI is not stored in the PNG file. The DPI is not mandatory in PNG ([url][/url]) so the PHPDOCX code should be aware of that. I mad a quick fix for the function getDpiPng in classes/

[code] private function getDpiPng($filename)
// open the file and read first 20 bytes.
$a = fopen($filename, 'r');
$string = fread($a, 1000);
$aux = strpos($string, 'pHYs');
//some png files do not have the pHYs, so we return a default
if ($aux === FALSE) return array(2835,2835);
$data = bin2hex(substr($string, $aux + strlen('pHYs'), 16));
$x = substr($data, 0, 8);
$y = substr($data, 8, 8);
return array(hexdec($x), hexdec($y));