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Trial installation for laravel
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Please note this is an old forum thread. Information in this post may be out-to-date and/or erroneous.
Every phpdocx version includes new features and improvements. Previously unsupported features may have been added to newer releases, or past issues may have been corrected.
We encourage you to download the current phpdocx version and check the Documentation available.

Posted by admin  · 03-10-2017 - 11:21


phpdocx can run on any server with PHP 5.2 or newer installed: apache, nginx, lighttpd, FastCGI, PHP CLI mode, php-fpm...

About your questions:

  • The trial package doesn't include PHP namespaces, so we recommend you to test the package standalone. Advanced and Premium licenses include a package with PHP namespaces support recommended to use the library with frameworks such as Laravel or Symfony ( When you move a phpdocx script created without namespaces to the package with PHP namespaces you just need to add the namespaces to do it works.
  • You are getting a not found when including the main phpdocx file ( We recommend you to check and run the included samples in the package and the practical guide available on