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Replacevariablebytext on wordfragment
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Posted by skicka.spam.hit  · 03-10-2017 - 20:26

Thanks! We have come quite far in our project and phpdocx seems to fit our purposes quite well, this I think being the only outstanding issue before launching (and perhaps evaluating which license to purchase..).

The thing really is that we need to be able to "restart numbering" when using the same paragraph style over and over in different parts of the document which is being created. My previous post suggested a rather(?) complicated way, but that seemed as the only working method so far. 

So, is there perhaps an easier way to restart numbering? The document looks/should look something like.


Some text in normal paragraph style.

(a) some text

(b) some further text

Some further text in normal paragraph style.

(a) this should be (a) and not (c).

(b) this should be (b) and not (d)."