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Template - replacetablevariable() with html link
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Posted by mcgarryit  · 11-10-2017 - 17:29


I have several tables in my template.

The replaceTableVariable() function works fine, replacing the repeating rows of data in each table.

However, one of the table cell values is meant to be a proper HTML link. At the moment, I am just inserting the text of the URL. I would like to be able to add a proper functioning link. (I also produce a PDF format of the document, and would like the link to function properly in the PDF.)

I see the addLink() and replaceVariablebyHTML() methods, but cannot see how to apply these in the context of a table row being replaced using replaceTableVariable().

Is there any simple way for me to format the value for the link variable, in my assoc array, before I pass it to the method replaceTableVariable()...?