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Generating a multiple column layout below heading
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Posted by ckightley92  · 28-03-2018 - 11:55


So i'm currently facing an issue when trying to modify a template word doc.

What i'm currently trying to do is to loop through all articles from our database, and create a header for each of these articles with the title in a 1 column format. Underneath this header, i'm attempting to create a 2 column layout for the article content.

Issue: modifyPageLayout()

I'm unable to use this method to modify the $content$ pleaceholder which i'm overwriting with all the article content. When using this method, it gives the following error.

Call to a member function getElementsByTagName() on null

This is suggestive that the method isn't compatable with createDocxfFromTemplate wordFragment.

If i can't modify the wordFragment layout from a 1 to 2 column layout, how else can i achieve this solution?

I looked at creating a new docx per article and attempt to merge these. Is this possible?