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Center image using replacevariablebywordfragment
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Posted by Adam Steff  · 29-04-2018 - 07:13

Hello, I've recently purchased the Premium package and I'm working with templates.

I've been trying center an image using replaceVariableByWordFragment, is that possible?

Also I've havn't been able to get replacePlaceholderImage working.

These are the steps I've been following:

  1. Right Click on image and select 'Add Alt Text'
  2. Add the value $IMAGE$ to the Alt Text Title
  3. Then I run this code $docx->replacePlaceholderImage('IMAGE',$to_folder_path.'/'.$file_name, ['target'=>'document']);

Any help would be appreciated.

$docx->replacePlaceholderImage('IMAGE',$to_folder_path.'/'.$file_name, ['target' => 'document']);