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Create editable fields in the pdf
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Posted by gesforma  · 06-09-2018 - 16:30


Thank you very much for responding so quickly.

It would be great to have this option.

We use Phpdocx in our ERP to generate pdf from templates customized by users in .docx format.

Until now, we only offered the possibility of downloading the document filled in .docx, thanks to its library we can offer the download also in .pdf :)

Many of these documents include form fields for final clients to complete.
It would be great if, in generating the .pdf, Phpdocx was able to know that there is an editable text form field, and respected it, so that when the document is opened the end user could fill it in directly in the program.

In this way, we would avoid having to print it to fill in, and then scan again to send it back.

Greetings and congratulations for all your work!!