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Tables not autofitting content
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Posted by tbenbow  · 23-09-2018 - 02:47

Autofit worked fine in version 3.  Updated to version 8 and the same php script wasnt autofitting content to the tables.  I tried forcing the tableLayout property to "autofit' but that failed as well.

Finally, I jsut downloaded the sampe script from the api documenation, and that failed to autofit as well.  So, I'm convniced its not my script.  

Code for table attached (from api).  

<?php require_once 'phpdocx/classes/CreateDocx.php';
$docx = new CreateDocx();

$valuesTable = array(
$paramsTable = array(
    'border' => 'single',
    'tableAlign' => 'center',
    'borderWidth' => 10,
    'borderColor' => 'B70000',
    'textProperties' => array('bold' => true, 'font' => 'Algerian', 'fontSize' => 18),
$docx->addTable($valuesTable, $paramsTable);


$direc = 'phpdocx/Proposal';

header('Location: /Proposal.docx');