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Tabs in list
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Posted by IHD  · 10-12-2018 - 14:35


Is it not possible to set tabPositions when using addText method on a wordFragment which is then included as a list item? 

The following code should do it: 

$docx = new CreateDocx();

$textData = new WordFragment($docx);
$tabs = array();
$tabs[] = array('position' => 4000, 'leader' => 'dot');
$tabs[] = array('position' => 6000, 'leader' => 'dot');
$tabs[] = array('position' => 8000, 'leader' => 'dot');
$options = array('tabPositions' => $tabs);

$text = array();
$text[] = array('text' => 'one');
$text[] = array('text' => 'two', 'tab' => true);
$text[] = array('text' => 'three', 'tab' => true);

$textData->addText($text, $options);

$itemList= array(
    'In this example we use a custom list (val = 5) that comes bundled with the default PHPdocX template.',
        'Line B',
        'Line C'
    'Line 3',

// set the style type to 5: other predefined Word list style
$docx->addList($itemList, 5);


The tabs work fine if i run $docx->addText($text, $options);  and then just create the document, but it does not work as expected when running $textData->addText($text, $options); and then including $textData as a list item. 

Any idea/workaround?