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Span tag removes space after
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Posted by queejie  · 25-01-2019 - 14:51

When generating a Word doc from HTML, this:

<span class="italic">some</span> text

and this:

<em>some</em> text

The result is 'sometext' in the first case and 'sometext' in the second.  In both cases, the space between some and text is removed.

These are the options used:

    public $docxParseOptions = [
        'downloadImages'           => TRUE,
        'generateCustomListStyles' => TRUE,
        'parseDivsAsPs'            => FALSE,
        'parseFloats'              => FALSE,
        'removeLineBreaks'         => TRUE,
        'strictWordStyles'         => FALSE,
        'addDefaultStyles'         => TRUE,

Is one of these settings wrong, a setting missing, or is this a bug? Thank you.