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Licensing for development and production
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Posted by nylontechnology  · 15-02-2019 - 21:40

I'm hoping this is not a repeat, but I have read every post in this topic and still need clarification. 

We purchased a Premium license.

When this goes live, the URL will be, but it might be different.

However, we need to set this up for local development and QA.

Important! Our applications are URL based, not IP based. So, for example, we need to use https://clientname.local on our development workstations.

Other answers in this topic all say the same thing, which I think needs to be clarified. Also, we can use this new thread to create a definitive guide so people don't always ask the same question!

  • The purchased subdomain (Basic licenses), domain and its subdomains (Advanced and Premium licenses) or IP (Premium licenses)
  • localhost
  • private networks (classes A, B and C)

The above leaves a lot of questions remaining, so here is what I think they might  mean. Please confirm.

  • The purchased subdomain (Basic licenses), domain and its subdomains (Advanced and Premium licenses) or IP (Premium licenses)
    • ​This makes sense for production, but it seems we can't assign the license yet since we need to use URLs for local development?
  • localhost
    • ​Does this mean on our local dev workstations we need to use http://localhost to access the development?
  • private networks (classes A, B and C)
    • ​Does this mean that we can use, for example, as the sitename?

During the license purchase process we made the domain name "localhost" since we weren't sure how the licensing worked.

Can we leave this as localhost and use https://clientname.local on our workstations?

Or, can we assign the license to what we think the client domain will be and then use local hosts file so we can use the correct domain in our dev workstation environment?