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How to place different qr-codes to pages in a docx-document?
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Posted by alex_passionfive  · 06-05-2019 - 14:17

Sorry. I don't understand, what you mean. I have a docx-template with the placeholder $body$. And $body$ is replaced with replaceVariableByHTML. I don't know, how many pages has the generated document. But I need on each page on the top a QR-code with (Page 1/12, Page 2/12 etc). The page number should stand In the footer of the generated document.


$docx = new \CreateDocxFromTemplate($filename);

            'isFile' => false,
            'parseDivsAsPs' => true,
            'downloadImages' => false,
            'useHTMLExtended' => true,

$docx = new \CreateDocxFromTemplate($tempDocxFileName);