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Create a while loop in php to create a table

Posted by admin  · 15-05-2019 - 11:44


We are not sure if we understand your question correctly. If you just need to create tables from an array you can just any loop function: for, while, foreach... ; phpdocx allows using any data source (databases, web services, strings, CSV...)

In the package you can find samples about how to generate a new table, for example:

// get the data for the database using PDO functions, an ORM or any other code
$data = ...;

// iterate the previous data to generate and add each new table
$i = 0;
while ($i < count($data)) {
  $valuesTable = $data[$i]; // an array structure
  $paramsTable = array(
      'border' => 'single',
      'tableAlign' => 'center',
      'borderWidth' => 10,
      'borderColor' => 'B70000',
      'tableWidth' => array('type' =>'pct', 'value' => 0),
  ); // add the needed table properties
  $docx->addTable($valuesTable, $paramsTable);

We recommend you to check and run the included samples and the documentation available on addTable.