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Get the image size of an image placeholder when using createdocxfromtemplate
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Posted by ISSL  · 19-06-2019 - 13:30

The only topic I can find related to this is but the information there doesn't work.

I am loading a document using CreateDocxFromTemplate, and there is a placeholder image in there with a placeholder of $FLOORPLAN$. I need to do is get its width, because I can't just use replacePlaceholderImage as it will squash the image (the floor plans are different sizes), and I can't set the width as I don't know the width of the placeholder image (it changes between templates).

I thought this would work looking at Indexer.php, but it requires DOMDocument and I can't see a way to create that from CreateDocxFromTemplate.

// load XML content
$contentDOM = new DOMDocument();
$contentDOM->loadXML($xml); # How do I do this with CreateDocxFromTemplate??

// do a xpath query getting only image tags
$contentXpath = new DOMXPath($contentDOM);
$contentXpath->registerNamespace('rel', '');
$imageEntries = $contentXpath->query('//rel:Relationship[@Type=""]');

How do I simply get the width of a placeholder image?